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Erik Emanuel Fenz, Certified Advanced Rolfer ®  

Biodynamic Structural Integration


Rolfing ® Structural Integration is offered in a series of ten sessions, which are usually spaced one or two sessions per week apart.

Individual Non-Series Sessions Are Also Available


Feel Your Way into Being


Rolfing ® -Structural Integration is an advanced ten session manual therapy focused on our bodies underlying matrix of connective tissue, also called fascia. This work is designed to release stress patterning that restricts movement, emotion and life energy, which helps bring our body into fluid, natural alignment with gravity.

This powerful form of bodywork can also be used for more specific problems such as chronic pain and movement limitation.

Rolfing ®  stimulates change and personal growth. Not everyone is ready for change and not every Rolfer ®  compliments your specific needs or personality.

Transformation comes through (bodily) awareness.

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Bodywork that Lasts a Lifetime


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USA Location


Home Studio: 

1877 Arlington Blvd. 
Ann Arbor, MI 48104 USA

Off Washtenaw, Onto Arlington Blvd. 

First Right Up Service Drive, Then Right Again.

First and Only House on the Right.

I'm often in my home studio giving sessions, therefore rarely answer my phone. Any questions? If you would like to talk in person, please message me and we can arrange a phone call at your convenience.

Would you like to book a session now? Message me your date & time preferences.

Sessions are 60 to 75 minutes in length.


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Energetic Exchange


Home Studio USA: 200 USD Per Session

Revive, Reset, Renew, Rejuvenate

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Quiet the Mind & the Soul will Speak


By bringing the hands together in Namaskar mudra, you are balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain, unifying the divine feminine and sacred masculine, the ida and pingala, "Shiva/Shakti", creating an opportunity for the great Kundalini energy (the infinite potential of being) to arise, promoting harmony and balance in the system and inviting in an experience of the fullness of life. And, it’s how people often greet each other in India. It represents a bowing down to the other person and an acknowledgment of the divinity within them. To practice, bring your palms together, in front of your heart center, pressing them against each other. "Namaste."



Privacy & Disclaimer

Privacy Policy  

Sessions are done in relative silence, however talking (somatic emotional clearing) can be useful. I create a safe environment for you to “lose your mind” and clear your heart. What you say here stays here. Your anonymity is respected and protected. All sessions are confidential and private. I do not reveal your name or information to anyone.

Important Disclaimer

My service is nonsexual therapeutic bodywork. I do not treat specific conditions, diagnose or prescribe. This work is not a substitute for medical treatment.

The information on this website is for educational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice




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